Northwest One: Updates

DMPED Presents on Subsidy Needs for NCI

On June 28th DMPED presented to the DCHA Board of Commissioners about the subsidies – both capital and operating – needed to support NCI’s development pipeline.  In 2015, NCI began working to project its full pipeline – all of the onsite and offsite development needed to complete the NCI neighborhoods adhering as closely as possible to the four core NCI principles – along with timeline and cost projections.  A 2014 policy report recommended that NCI do this work, which had not been done to date.  Specifically, the report recommended exploring using different operating subsidies instead of ACC (Annual Contributions Contract), the typical public housing subsidy.  DMPED’s presentation to the board provides an overview of the work done to date to fully project NCI’s pipeline, and the impact to the project of using Project-Based Vouchers rather than ACC.  The presentation can be viewed HERE.

New Communities: Right to Return


In March 2016 the DC Housing Authority Board passed Resolution 16-06 to set a relocation and right to return policy for properties redeveloped under NCI.  The policy sought to clarify questions about who has a right to return, and establish guidance ensuring that residents who are eligible to live in public housing will also be eligible for units in the new developments without additional barriers to entry.


  • You have a have right to return to a new NCI unit:
    • At Barry Farm if you lived at Barry Farm at any time on or after October 12, 2012.
    • At Park Morton if you lived at Park Morton at any time on or after November 1, 2014.
    • At Northwest One if you lived at Temple Courts or Golden Rule when they were demolished.
    • (The right to return date has yet to be determined for Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings since the master developer has not been selected and no portion of the onsite has been demolished.)
  • You have a right to return to a unit that fits your family size, which will be determined by who is on your lease at the time of return.
  • Residents and other community stakeholders will decide through community processes in each neighborhood which households will be offered units first, second, and so on in the new developments.


  • Your right to return lasts until you move into a new NCI unit. After that, any moves would be treated like any other transfer within public housing and subject to availability.
  • All projects will be redeveloped in phases, and you do not lose your right to return if you are offered a unit in an early phase and you do not take it.
  • You keep your right to return until all units in all phases are built.


Criteria to return to a new unit has to be the same or less than DCHA’s current rules for the following:

  • Work Requirements – DCHA has no work requirements.
  • Service Requirements – DCHA requires 8 hours per month of community service or 8 hours participation in an economic self-sufficiency program. Residents who are elderly, disabled, caretaker of an elderly/disabled resident, or working are exempt.
  • Criminal Background – DCHA does not accept applicants with 1) a felony conviction within the last 5 years; 2) a conviction for manufacturing methamphetamines; and/or 3) current requirement to register on the National Sex Offender Registry. DCHA may make exceptions for felony convictions on a case by case basis.
  • Credit Screening – DCHA has no minimum credit score to meet, but does review applicants’ past rental history.
  • Drug Screening – DCHA has no drug screening requirements.

The new property manager of the redeveloped units must also follow these guidelines.


DCHA will provide proper notices for any temporary and permanent moves, including but not limited to:

  • A General Information Notice (GIN) to inform you when the redevelopment will require you to move from your unit.
  • A Notice of Relocation Eligibility, which will inform you what relocation assistance you will receive; and
  • A 90-Day Notice to Move, which will tell you the earliest date you have to move from your current unit.

Although households may be offered the opportunity to move to “Build First” units coming online in their neighborhood, no one will be required to move (as a result of a redevelopment effort) until their property receives official HUD approvals for redevelopment.

DCHA Resolution 16-06

Northwest One RFP: Developer Presentations

On April 1st, 2017, over 50 community members came out to hear from and provide feedback to eight different development teams competing for the opportunity to redevelop the 3.5 acre Northwest One site, which includes the former site of Temple Courts Apartments. Below are the handouts and the presentations from the meeting in order of the agenda:

DMPED Opening Presentation 

*Note: Versus Equity & Lyon Living, originally on the meeting agenda, has dropped out of the RFP process.

  1. WC Smith, The NHP Foundation, The Warrenton Group, Spectrum Management, & Torti Gallas Urban
    1. WC Smith Handout
    2. WC Smith Presentation 
  2. Monument Realty, Community Housing Partners, SOME, KGD Architecture, Oculus 
    1. Monument Handout
    2. Monument Presentation
  3. Pennrose Properties, Republic Properties, The CA Harrison Companies, Mt. Airy Baptist Church, Wiencek + Associates
    1. West NoMa, LLC Handout
    2. West NoMA, LLC Presentation
  4. The Community Builders, Urban Design Associates 
    1. TCB Handout 
    2. TCB Presentation
  5. Carr Companies, Atlantic Pacific, NPCDC, Apple Tree Charter School, BBGM 
    1. Carr Handout
    2. Carr Presentation
  6. MRP Realty, CSG Urban Partners, Marshall Moya Design, HOU
    1. MRP Handout
    2. MRP Presentation 
  7. Brinshore, Bozzuto, Trilogy, Banc of America CDC, Hickok Cole
    1. Harmony Place Handout
    2. Harmony Place Presentation
  8. Donatelli Development, Paramount, Gonzaga College High School 
    1. Donatelli Handout 
    2. Donatelli Presentation 


Northwest One Development Update

The redevelopment of Northwest One is moving forward with two RFPs:

Northwest One, Former Temple Courts and 1010 North Capitol: In the summer of 2016, DMPED held two  public meetings through the Mayor’s “OurRFP” initiative to discuss and receive public input on community priorities for the redevelopment of the parcels at 1010 North Capitol Street, NW, and 33 K Street, NW (formerly Temple Courts Apartments). This input was incorporated into an RFP that was released on September 22, 2016: The RFP closed December 15, 2016, and an interdisciplinary review panel is currently reviewing the responses. Developer presentations for this RFP will be held April 1st. DMPED anticipates selecting a team later this spring.

2 Patterson: A solicitation for 2 Patterson Street, NE is slated to be released in the summer 2017, and was announced at today’s March Madness event: 2 Patterson Flyer

Combined, these parcels represent the remaining development potential for the Northwest One Redevelopment Plan, and between them the New Communities Initiative will achieve all the replacement housing units plus significant additional affordable housing for the neighborhood.

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