Barry Farm Human Capital Overview

During each neighborhood planning process, residents stated their priorities for physical redevelopment as well as supports needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency.  The New Communities Human Capital strategy formalizes residents’ goals for self-sufficiency by funding case management, youth development and community wellness programs.


Barry Farm New Communities Human Capital Providers


Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative

Karen Jones, Program Coordinator


Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative (FSFSC) is the case management provider for the Barry Farm residents.  The mission of the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc. is to act as a catalyst to develop, nurture and sustain partnerships of residents, agencies, and institutions in the Southeast community and to create a healthy socioeconomic environment through which every child and family has an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and to lead a productive life.  In seeking to build a healthy community, FSFSC embraces the values including all families need a safe neighborhood and supportive community in which to live.



National Organization of Concerned Black Men

Cheryl Hart-Johnson, Director, Youth and Prevention Services


The National Organization of Concerned Black Men provides the Saving Lives and Minds (SLAM) Academic Performance Program, an academically-focused after school effort offering creative and interactive educational experiences for children in kindergarten through fifth grade at Savoy Elementary.



Urban Ed, Inc.

Roxanne Williams, Project Manager


The Urban Ed. program provides youth offender and at-risk high school youth with IT employment training for sustainable careers in corporate and government environments.  The program combines industry certification training with business essentials and character development.



Metro TeenAIDS

Raul Posas, Social Marketing Manager


The Metro TeenAIDS project provides peer education training on health and wellness and targets residents ages 13-24.  The program aims to increase Barry Farm residents’ awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual behaviors and risk-taking, disease prevention and importance of adhering to one’s chronic care management plan.  The program also provides a mobile unit making monthly HIV/AIDS testing available onsite.



Summit Health Institute for Research and Education Inc. (SHIRE)

Dr. Linda Thompson, Project Coordinator


SHIRE brings together youth and seniors in wellness circles to explore techniques to prevent and manage hypertension.  Participants are challenged with taking charge of their health and sharing lessons learned with peers, relatives and neighbors.



Athletes United for Social Justice, Inc.

Christopher Pitts, Chief Operating Officer


Athletes United for Social Justice, also known as the Grassroots Project, uses college athletes in a sports-based curriculum to provide sexual health education and life skills interventions to youth living in Barry Farm and in schools attended by Barry farm students.