Northwest One Human Capital Overview

During each neighborhood planning process, residents stated their priorities for physical redevelopment as well as supports needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency.  The New Communities Human Capital strategy formalizes residents’ goals for self-sufficiency by funding case management, youth development and community wellness programs.


Northwest One New Communities Human Capital Providers


Housing Opportunities Unlimited

Greg Lewis, Program Director


Housing Opportunities Unlimited (HOU) is the case management provider for the former Golden Rule and former Temple Courts residents.  HOU, a privately-held company, has deep experience in providing direct services and relocation assistance to residents in public and subsidized housing. The company has worked in a diverse range of low- and mixed-income communities, and specializes in assisting communities that are part of a large redevelopment plan.  HOU provides case management, linkages and an array of social and supportive services to former Golden Rule and Temple Courts residents from Northwest One.  Services include education, employment training, job search, links to behavioral health, medical and dental services, financial literacy, credit counseling, GED and adult education programs.



The Literacy Lab

Ashley Johnson, Co-Executive Director


The Literacy Lab is a non-profit organization providing low-income children individualized reading instruction in order to improve their literacy, leading to greater success in school and increased opportunities in life. The program provides one-on-one reading intervention for Walker-Jones students in kindergarten through third grade.