Lincoln Heights / Richardson Dwellings Human Capital Overview

During each neighborhood planning process, residents stated their priorities for physical redevelopment as well as supports needed to achieve greater self-sufficiency.  The New Communities Human Capital strategy formalizes residents’ goals for self-sufficiency by funding case management, youth development and community wellness programs.


Lincoln Heights New Communities Human Capital Providers

Homes for Hope, Inc.

Ronald Williams, Program Coordinator


Homes for Hope is the case management provider for the Lincoln Heights / Richardson Dwellings human capital program. Homes for Hope’s mission is to provide permanent housing with comprehensive services to promote the transition from homelessness to productivity and independence. The housing plus services model has proven successful in helping extremely vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations to stabilize their lives and move forward to independence with dignity.  In Lincoln Heights, Homes for Hope provides residents the skills necessary to become self-sufficient and positioned to return to and thrive in the redeveloped new community.  Homes for Hope also integrates neighborhood anchors such as schools, health centers, faith and other community-based organizations into the program delivery.



Day Break Inc.

Lauren Allgood, Executive Director


The goal of the Day Break program is to lay a foundation in the lives of children so that they will grow up to become leaders in their community. The programs focus is on ensuring that children are getting the education they need to stay at grade level in school so that they are prepared to graduate from high school and continue on into a viable career and community leaders.




Katrina Owens, Senior Director of Programs


DC SCORES applies a quality, team-based approach to providing youth with the arts, athletics, and academics that will engage, enrich, and improve their lives. DC SCORES builds teams through after school programs by instilling self-expression, physical fitness, and a sense of community. DC SCORES accomplishes this in an innovative model combining poetry, soccer, and service-learning year-round. DC SCORES has a holistic after-school program that helps students improve their fitness levels and establish deep community connections through service projects — all while developing closer bonds with teachers and peers.



Higher Achievement

Emerald Stewart, Manager of Grants


Higher Achievement’s year-round program is grounded in research. It combines high expectations with high support — demanding academic work plus mentoring, skill-building, individual student achievement plans, and personal encouragement. The after-school program includes core subjects, such as literature and mathematics, as well as seminars, artistic electives, field trips, and opportunities to engage in community service. The summer program includes coursework in literature, science, mathematics, social studies, and electives. Small classes and mentoring sessions encourage intellectual curiosity and teach both basic skills and critical thinking.