Human Capital Overview

The New Communities Initiative (NCI) is committed to creating a clear and realistic path to 100% resident success for every single resident.

The human capital element of the program provides comprehensive, strengths-based support services that address significant and immediate barriers to self-sufficiency among long-time residents. The provision of comprehensive case management services is one of the cornerstones of the New Communities approach based on best practices of integrating physical redevelopment with community support services.

The human capital plan was developed during the planning process for each of the four New Communities; Northwest One, Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings, Barry Farm and Park Morton. During this public planning process, information was gathered from small focus group meetings, town halls, one-on-one meetings and surveys to inform the human capital plan.

The District of Columbia Deputy Mayor Office of Planning and Economic Development provides funding to service providers under the New Communities human capital program. This partnership allows grantees to provide comprehensive case management services to heads of household and their families. Individual case plans are jointly developed between the case managers and the residents. Case plans are tailored to the particular requirements and preferences of each resident so that they are designed to address immediate needs and the ultimate achievement of self-sufficiency goals.  Over 500 residents are served through the New Communities human capital program annually. Over the life of the program, thousands of residents have been engaged in services.

In addition to case management for the head of households, youth development and community wellness programs are funded to support family literacy, educational programs, positive out-of-school time activities and services to help youth transition to adulthood through life skills, workforce development, college assistance, health education and other supports.

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