Barry Farm: Updates

New Streets Are Coming for Barry Farm

The Barry Farm Development Team, Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc. (POAH) and A&R Development, along the DC Housing Authority (DCHA) held a meeting with Barry Farm residents on December 20, 2017 to discuss possible names for the five new streets proposed. The development team worked with a historian from the Anacostia Community Museum and offered a few names for discussion. Residents, in turn, suggested the streets be named in honor of former Resident Council officers. After a robust discussion, residents were asked to vote for their top choices. Presently, developers are confirming with the District Department of Transportation and the Office of the Surveyor whether or not the favored names are available for use.  Final street names will be announced at a future resident meeting.

Ward 8 Works Criminal Background Session Recap

On October 13th NCI and our Ward 8 Works partners sponsored an information session on “Overcoming Criminal Background Challenges” to jobs in construction.  Participants heard from the following:

Did you know there is no record expungement in the District, only record sealing?  Did you know that, because of DC’s “Ban the Box” law employers cannot ask you about your criminal background until after they have made you a conditional offer of employment?  Did you know that the Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizen Affairs works with returning citizens not just on jobs, but housing and other issues, and you don’t have to be a recent returnee?

The panel discussed all of these and more during the session, and they have great resources to offer DC residents who think their arrest, charge and/or conviction record is a barrier to successful employment.  Check out some of the materials from the October 13th session, and use them or the links above to contact our partners.

Agenda | Ban the Box Overview | PDSDC Prisoner & Reentry Legal Services |


DMPED Presents on Subsidy Needs for NCI

On June 28th DMPED presented to the DCHA Board of Commissioners about the subsidies – both capital and operating – needed to support NCI’s development pipeline.  In 2015, NCI began working to project its full pipeline – all of the onsite and offsite development needed to complete the NCI neighborhoods adhering as closely as possible to the four core NCI principles – along with timeline and cost projections.  A 2014 policy report recommended that NCI do this work, which had not been done to date.  Specifically, the report recommended exploring using different operating subsidies instead of ACC (Annual Contributions Contract), the typical public housing subsidy.  DMPED’s presentation to the board provides an overview of the work done to date to fully project NCI’s pipeline, and the impact to the project of using Project-Based Vouchers rather than ACC.  The presentation can be viewed HERE.

Barry Farm Resident Design Workshop

On June 20th residents of Barry Farm participated in a planning and design workshop facilitated by DMPED, DCHA, and members of the master development team. Residents provided feedback on a number of elements, including the development site plan, green space, amenities, housing units, floor plan layouts, and design features. The meeting presentation can be viewed HERE.

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