Barry Farm: Updates

New Communities Releases 2014 Annual Report

The DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development is pleased to share with you its 2014 Annual Report for New Communities. The Annual Report provides an overview and background on the Initiative, and highlights overall progress to date. Additionally, the report provides project updates on each of the four neighborhoods, and offers a preview for the year ahead.

New Communities seeks to create vibrant mixed-income neighborhoods that address both the physical architecture and human capital needs, where residents have quality affordable housing options, economic opportunities and access to appropriate human services. To date, the Initiative has produced over 1,000 new housing units with an investment of gap financing of over $66million, created over 250 new jobs, and served over 500 heads of households through case managementservice annually. The Initiaitve has also produced new community anchors, such as the new HD Woodson High School in Lincoln Heights, or the new flagship Recreation Center under construction in Barry Farm. This past year, New Communities has seen much progress, with the continued build out of Sheridan Station in Barry Farm, the construction of SeVerna Phase II and 2 M Street in Northwest One, and the successful opening and leasing up of the Nannie Helen at 4800 in Lincoln Heights.

Barry Farm PUD Application Approved by Zoning Commission for Setdown for a Public Hearing

At the District of Columbia Zoning Commission’s Public Meeting, the Zoning Commission approved that the proposed First Stage Planned Unit Development (PUD) and related map amendment be set down for public hearing (VIEW THE SETDOWN REPORT HERE). The Applicant: District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA), A&R Development Corporation, and Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH), proposes the redevelopment of the existing Barry Farm and Wade Road Apartments with a mixed use development consisting of residential, retail and service uses. The new development would have residents of varying incomes, a mixture of residential unit types and sizes, retail, service uses, a community park and open space. To accommodate this development, the Applicant has requested a First Stage Planned Unit Development (PUD) and a related map amendment to rezone the property from the R-5-A district to the R-5-B and C-2-A districts.

The public hearing will be scheduled shortly.  Click here to view the March 31st Public Meeting.  For more information on the Barry Farm PUD Application, click here to visit the DC of Zoning website.

Barry Farm Master Planning Begins with Community Meeting

The Barry Farm development team is led by Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) and A&R Companies.  POAH and A&R are working with the residents, DC Housing Authority and the District to update the 2006 Revitalization Plan and development of the Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.

Barry Farm Master Planning Community Stakeholder Choice Neighborhoods Steering Committee Kickoff

The DC Housing Authority and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development invited community stakeholders and residents to participate on the Barry Farm Choice Neighborhoods Steering Committee and three subcommittees including Housing, Neighborhood and People.  To assist with the District’s and DCHA’s mission to revitalize Barry Farm, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the DC Housing Authority a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant for Barry Farm. The Choice Planning Grant will serve as a tool to help achieve the goals towards the Barry Farm redevelopment. Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants support the development of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans which focus on directing resources to address three core goals: Housing, People and Neighborhoods. For more information on HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Program, click HERE

The Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant for Barry Farm provides resources to support the revitalization plan.  As the recipient of the Choice Planning Grant, DCHA is engaging residents and community stakeholders in a planning process that includes the creation of a Steering Committee and three sub-committees to address the People, Housing and Neighborhood.  Residents and community stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the planning process.  For more information on the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative or to get involved with a committee, please contact Janice Burgess, DCHA Deputy Director for Planning at

Sheridan Station Phase III Groundbreaking

Sheridan Station Phase III, a HOPE VI project developed in partnership by the Housing Authority and WC Smith, broke ground on a 133 unit affordable housing development.  The development will include 40 replacement units with a priority for Barry Farm households. To read the full press release, click HERE.

Master Planning and Development Team Selected for Barry Farm

The DC Housing Authority Board of Commissioners voted to approve A&R Development and Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) as the master planning and development team to lead the Barry Farm redevelopment. The selection marks the completion of a competitive solicitation process initiated in the Fall of 2012 by the DC Housing Authority in partnership with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development. The DC Housing Authority received a total of seven proposals that met the threshold requirements as outlined in the RFQ. The final selection process included substantive involvement from current residents of Barry Farm and Wade Apartments. In addition to numerous community meetings, representatives from the resident population were selected to be serve on the evaluation panel and participate in the selection process. The evaluation panel also included representatives from the DC Housing Authority and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Later this fall and winter, the POAH/A&R team will begin a community engagement process for developing a long-term vision spelling out the goals, community elements, and amenities for the redevelopment of the Barry Farm community. Additionally, the POAH/A&R team, working in concert with the DC Housing Authority and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, will seek private financing of the community-based redevelopment plan. In 2014, the DC Housing Authority plans to compete for a HUD Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant to help fund the community-based redevelopment plan.

Short List Announced for Master Planning and Development Team RFP

In September 2012, the DC Housing Authority and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development released a Request for Qualifications to solicit developers interested in leading the
redevelopment of the Barry Farm neighborhood. Seven teams submitted responses to the RFQ/RFP issued and were deemed qualified to move forward to submit redevelopment proposals for Barry Farm.

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