Northwest One: Updates

Registration Opens at 2M for former Temple Courts Residents

The property manager for the 2M opened registration for the 59 replacements units at the site.  The property manager/development team launched the initial leasing efforts for residents who could qualify for 30% AMI, 60% AMI, and market units at the same time. The online registration began with 30% AMI units, but only applications for the 60% AMI and market rate units are being accepted at this time because the 30% AMI units will not be ready until the ground floor is completely finished.

HUD Approves Amending Regulatory Agreement for the Temple Courts Site

Officials at the US Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agreed to amend the regulatory agreement for the land that the former Temple Courts building use to occupy.  The former Temple Courts housing complex was located on North Capitol Street between K and  L streets NW. There were 211 affordable units in the HUD financed housing development that was demolished in 2008. As a condition of the HUD financing, a regulatory agreement required that 211 replacement units be constructed on the specific lot where the former Temple Courts building was located.  District officials argued that the units should be allowed to be scattered throughout the proposed Northwest One redevelopment sites to promote the mixed-income tenet of the New Communities Initiative and reduce concentration of low-income housing units.  In October 2013, HUD approved amending the regulatory agreement to allow developing the replacement units on additional parcels.